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VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

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VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

Post by bangalorewebguru on Mon May 25, 2015 3:28 pm

VLAN (Virtual Local Network) is a logically separate IP subnetwork which allow multiple IP networks and subnets to exist on the same-switched network.
VLAN is a logical broadcast domain that can span multiple physical LAN segments. It is a modern way administrators configure switches into virtual local-area networks (VLANs) to improve network performance by separating large Layer 2 broadcast domains into smaller ones.
By using VLAN a network administrator will be able to group together stations by logical function, or by applications, without regard to physical location of the users.
Each VLAN functions as a separate LAN and spans one or more switches. This allows host devices to behave as if they were on the same network segment.
For traffic to move between VLANs, a layer 3 device (router) is required.


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